Using Komodo debug to view theme page variables.

Thought I would test out Jing to create my first screencast. The star of my show is, of course, Drupal and the helper is Komodo. Alright, it's more about Komodo but it's a trick to view variables available for theming for a Drupal page. I find this to be very useful!

CVS: Patch capabilities on your windows machine

So, I really wanted to try and get into the world of testing patches in order to help get Drupal 6 to the next beta stage but I was in a world of unknown. The root of the problem was the procedure that was needed in order to apply a patch to a file or group of files. See, I am using a windows machine and by default the Linux bash commands are not available. The patch procedures were showing “patch filename < patchname” and this was not going to work on my machine.

Central Eastern Pennsylvania Drupal Group

So I finally got around to creating the central eastern Pennsylvanian Drupal group group in hopes of connecting with like minded individuals that are closer to where I live. I know a few people that have access to the NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Toronto group meet-ups but those groups are just a little far for me travel to on a regular basis.

How To Make Yourself a Better Drupal Developer

So there are probably a lot of people out there that want to know what you can do in order to make yourself a better Drupal developer. We if you are like me then the first step is to start yourself a huge Drupal project that should have at least 3 or 4 developers but only has 2. Then, one day have one of of those two developers come into work to let you know that they are leaving for a Drupal Job in Manhattan working for Sony. :) (you know who you are). I'll tell you what, you learn to find as many resources as you possibly can in order to breathe, eat and sleep Drupal.

Lullabot: Use Dynamic DNS to host websites from home

Lullabot: Use Dynamic DNS to host websites from home - Or "How to set up localhost to test Facebook applications"
How do you set up a localhost Drupal environment that can be accessed from the Internet? This article walks through setting up a Dynamic DNS service so that you can use your laptop for developing applications that need to interact with web service consumers, such as Facebook.

Drupal URL / URI alias variables into a Drupal Block

I found that it was not quite as easy as I had expected to pull uri alias variables into a Drupal block today. What I was looking for was the $path and for that matter, the $node variable but they are not available to the block. I did some researching but was unable to find any solutions to what was required for my block logic. So, I had to create my own query in order to find out what the uri alias was for a specific page the block was displaying on.

Changing the Drupal Search Results Page

Today I needed to customize the themed results of the Drupal search. I have a pretty good thought of the right way to do this and I am going to attempt to do this without accessing any documentation online about the process. That way I can explain the steps of how to do this, in the Drupal way, from my experience and perspective. I will also try and document my thought process in order possibly help others when trying to do similar Drupal customization.

Templating a Drupal Form

I was attempting to customize the look of a form that I create in a module using Drupal. I wanted to add images to a check box form element. This was a very useful link that explained how to call the form via the form id in the template.php file which then allows you to create a form.tpl.php file for custom styling.

Lullabot Workshop in Chicago

Had a great time, and learned a lot about Drupal at the Lullabot workshop in Chicago.
I was able to take a couple of pictures on the Sunday after the workshop and thought I would share them with anyone that was interested.

Komodo and Drupal

Well, I had a much better blog entry for this but my browser crashed before I had a chance to submit. So here is my brief link list for help with setting up Komodo for use in debugging and developing in Drupal.

short video Debugging Drupal with Komodo IDE

Firefox Xdebug add-on

Komodo Drupal syntax addon (untested)

Good Thread

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