CodeLobster - IDE

I was recently introduced to a new IDE called CodeLobster. My first impression was that it was an interesting name for and IDE but I am always searching to find that great new tool. The installation was very good and I really loved the DeepBlack theme that was already available. I knew that would save me from hours of searching the web or customizing a them that felt right for me. The interface was extremely intuitive and seemed to have everything I was used to from my past experiences with Komodo, Eclipse and Netbeans.

Pocket Video Camera

Recently, I decided that I was interested in getting a pocket video camera in order to take videos of the kids and put some putting some home how-to videos on my home improvement blog at My first choice was to get the flip MinoHD camera which seemed to be very popular. Much more popular than the SlideHD which seem to give some people some concerns.

Using Komodo debug to view theme page variables.

Thought I would test out Jing to create my first screencast. The star of my show is, of course, Drupal and the helper is Komodo. Alright, it's more about Komodo but it's a trick to view variables available for theming for a Drupal page. I find this to be very useful!

Web 2.0 Style Buttons Tutorial

I was looking for a good tutorial to try and master the art of creating good web 2.0 buttons. Well my search landed me on the iris design website which has a really good step by step procedure of how to create these cool buttons. The tutorial titled Web 2.0 style buttons has enabled me to add a little web 2.0 flair to this site in way of a taxonomy container and list item bullets that you will find to the left of my blog titles and to the left of any list items.

New Theme / Gallery Addition

I have been wanting to add a gallery program to my site so I thought I would try out the gallery module. This module relies on an installation of the gallery2 which I have used many times in the past.

In addition to the module I thought I would change my site theme. I forget which theme I started with but I basically removed all the guts and started from scratch. It's not completely finished and will probably be a work in progress for a long time!

CVS: Patch capabilities on your windows machine

So, I really wanted to try and get into the world of testing patches in order to help get Drupal 6 to the next beta stage but I was in a world of unknown. The root of the problem was the procedure that was needed in order to apply a patch to a file or group of files. See, I am using a windows machine and by default the Linux bash commands are not available. The patch procedures were showing “patch filename < patchname” and this was not going to work on my machine.

Lost laptop reward: Beer for life

I am not sure if this is a trap to catch the guys that took the laptop from this little brewery but I have noticed that if you put the right bait in a mousetrap, you always get the mouse. But if the reward is beer, I could only guess the number of mice that would show up.

Lost laptop reward: Beer for life - Read full story for latest details.

Central Eastern Pennsylvania Drupal Group

So I finally got around to creating the central eastern Pennsylvanian Drupal group group in hopes of connecting with like minded individuals that are closer to where I live. I know a few people that have access to the NYC, Washington DC, Philadelphia and Toronto group meet-ups but those groups are just a little far for me travel to on a regular basis.

How To Make Yourself a Better Drupal Developer

So there are probably a lot of people out there that want to know what you can do in order to make yourself a better Drupal developer. We if you are like me then the first step is to start yourself a huge Drupal project that should have at least 3 or 4 developers but only has 2. Then, one day have one of of those two developers come into work to let you know that they are leaving for a Drupal Job in Manhattan working for Sony. :) (you know who you are). I'll tell you what, you learn to find as many resources as you possibly can in order to breathe, eat and sleep Drupal.

How To: Overcome Shyness

Found this story on lifehacker and the first comment made me laugh out loud.

How To: Overcome Shyness - Weblog Pick the Brain suggests that you overcome your bashful obstacles by focusing on your assets as a contributing member of society. The author reminds the shy set that most people, after all, are...Tamar Weinberg [Shawn's Shared]

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